Trailer Rental Policy




RENTAL REQUIREMENTS:  Renter must be over 21-years of age, have a valid Texas Driver’s License and a major credit card.  Proof of automobile insurance is necessary when customers tow the rental refrigerated trailer. Responsibility and liability for any and all damages to rental refrigerated trailer shall remain with the renter during the rental period, to include theft, vandalism and abusive use.  Rental refrigerated trailers must remain within a 100 mile radius of ACCENT EQUIPMENT COMPANY, LLC’s location, unless prior permission is granted by ACCENT EQUIPMENT COMPANY, LLC.


DEPOSITS, CHARGES AND PAYMENTS:  All Payments are to be by credit card, cash,  ACH Debit, Bank Wire or on approved open accounts.  Confirmed reservations require a $200 non-refundable deposit.  The Confirmed Reservation Deposit is applied toward the total rental charges at the beginning of the rental.  Confirmed Reservation Deposits will be forfeited upon cancellation of reservations.  Deposits are not required on approved open accounts.  A $200 fully refundable Damage Deposit is required on Refrigerated Trailer Rentals.  Rental charges are paid in advance. Rental charges are based upon ACCENT EQUIPMENT COMPANY, LLC’S current published rental rates and the total number of days/weeks/months the equipment is rented. There is no credit allowed for early returns.


RENTAL PERIOD:  1-Day=24 hours, 1-Week=7 days, 1-month=30 days.  Minimum rental period is two (2) days.  Rental period begins when rental unit is dropped off at customer’s site, or when the customer picks up the rental at ACCENT EQUIPMENT COMPANY, LLC’s location.  Rental period ends when the customer returns the rental to ACCENT EQUIPMENT COMPANY, LLC’s location, or when ACCENT EQUIPMENT COMPANY, LLC picks up the rental refrigerated trailer at the customer’s site.


DELIVERY AND PICK UP:  ACCENT EQUIPMENT COMPANY, LLC will deliver the rental refrigerated trailer to the location it will be used, set it up and then pick it up at the end of the rental, at no additional charge to the customer, or the customer can tow the trailer upon approval by ACCENT EQUIPMENT COMPANY, LLC.  The customer shall provide ample access for delivery and proximity to sufficient electrical service/outlet that meets the refrigeration unit’s requirements/specifications, unless the equipment is to be powered by a generator that is capable of providing sufficient electrical service to the unit.